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We provide the best hemp-derived products.

What We Do

At Cannative, we’ve made it our mission to provide the best smokeable hemp products available, to enhance lifestyles and elevate experiences through our smokeable hemp online shop. We specialize in a wide range of hemp products, including concentrated oils, water-soluable liquids and powders, and smokeable hemp flower.

Let us work alongside your business to source, develop, and manufacture high-quality products that fuel powerful experiences; our in-house design and manufacturing team is poised and ready to turn your next great idea into reality. Whether we’re talking white label or private label products, we’ll collaborate to create something exciting and memorable that customers won’t ever forget. We also sell directly to individuals; it’s all about getting the right, quality product into the hands of people who are ready to feel something awesome. Reach out today!

Our Story

Cannative started with Empire Smokes, a retail smoke shop founded in the winter of 2017. After six months of selling retail products, we realized that there was a hole in the market for hemp products of elevated quality. So we put our heads together to create Cannative, a brand that would be renowned for sourcing only the best smokeable flower and biomass in the US to render the highest-quality products available.

Now 3 years later, Cannative has become a hemp powerhouse on the east coast. With a headquarters based in Curtis Bay, Maryland and a full line of hemp products, we are positioning ourselves to take over the hemp industry. We’re on an elevator that only goes up: in 2020 we’ll be starting our own indoor premium hemp flower grow with flower ready for the market by mid-summer. Our industry connections, well-rounded team, and understanding of what makes a good product great will help us move from a nationally-renowned brand to one with international footing in 2021 – the future’s looking good!

Our Products

Every product at Cannative was planted, grown, extracted, tested, and crafted with the utmost care, making our smokeable hemp, edibles, and other hemp-derived products simply the best available on the market, anywhere. They’re the result of high-quality sourcing, and a powerful dedication to providing the finest customer experience in the industry. We have the largest hemp product offering available, and our extensive professional network and expertise in identifying quality are evident in our smokeable flower and ingestible hemp treats. With lab reports and product samples available for each order, you can trust that the product you receive is exactly what you ordered, of the highest possible quality, and designed to create a wholly elevated experience. Let’s create a world of better quality together: give us a call.

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